Good , I'm Dan!

I'm Chicago based product manager with a passion for design, development & user experience.

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I product management

Product Management

Everything starts with the customer, without them, there is no product. I work collaboratively with everyone in the company to come up with creative solutions to real problems. Communication and empathy are keys to success.

I code

Web Development

Performance is design. A great product should load fast and work as intended regardless of device or screen size. Thoughtful architecture and modular components are the key to writing scalable and maintainable code. Functional CSS is my jam.

I layout design

Product Design

Good design is simple, intuitive, and solves real problems. My process starts with research. I believe in talking to real customers, designing with content, and building prototypes with HTML and CSS. Design systems and pattern libraries FTW!


Learning Animation, with Bob Ross Mar 19

I remember flipping through the channels one Saturday morning, trying to find something good to watch, when I suddenly came across a goofy looking man with a paintbrush and one of the best damn afros...

Story Mapping Workshop May 16

Building a new product from scratch is no small task. In fact, sometimes the most challenging part is getting started! Having some product/project management experience has definitely helped me take...